Volunteerism & Charitable Giving


PRS not only creates jobs for the local people in the markets in which it operates, it builds communities and improve lives.

PRS believes in “leaving a footprint” in the markets it serves.  PRS’ management team has been involved in a variety of community-development projects in such markets, including Afghanistan's first skateboarding school, a complex which opened its new indoor sports facility and skate park on October 29th 2009, designed by Skateistan and the Afghan Olympic committee.  The facility is celebrated as a haven for Afghan boys and girls alike, and is a welcome addition to the community providing; recreation, fellowship and mentoring.

Physical Risk Solutions is not just a passer-by in its markets. Our people live here, and will continue to do so.  We  believe that in post-conflict environments, our model must not only reflect economic realities, but also the importance of community development in achieving the long-range mission of a self-sufficient and prosperous nation.